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Sketchbook Designs & Drawings

No piece of artwork is perfect on the first try. Art always requires constant experimentation and curiosity, with the willingness to fail time and time again. Karl Huber’s sketchbook illustrations are an example of his creative process. He experiments with themes, art styles, mediums, and more to eventually better his artwork.


These sketchbook illustrations are ideas, thoughts, compositions, and reactions to events that will eventually become final illustrations after a bit of refinement.


Huber creates sketches and thumbnails that will eventually transform into full-on illustrations. He uses micro pens and travel logs to create various characters, narratives, and more.


He does all of this by focusing on the following ideas and practices:

  • Visual Communications

  • Character Design

  • Problem Solving

  • On-Site Drawing

Below are just some of the many sketchbook illustrations that Huber has worked on in the past. By looking through these illustrations, you can better understand him and his creative process.

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