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Black & White Original Pen Ink Art in Pittsburgh PA

Black & White Original Pen Ink Art

Karl Huber is an award-winning artist and educator who is currently living in Pittsburgh, PA. He travels extensively, seeking new museums and other geeky places to sit and draw. His varied background is reflected in his artwork, specifically his black & white original pen ink art. These traditional pen and ink illustrations create a haunting yet eye-capturing style that Huber is most known for.

Artistic Themes & Styles

Every black & white illustration from Karl Huber has a story to tell. In his belief, drawing is not limited to one approach, style, theme, or medium. It is a form of visual expression, a reaction to events and to the world around us through creativity.

Below are just some of the many artistic themes that Karl Huber explores in his black & white illustrations:

  • Lovecraft

  • Comics

  • Graphics

  • Classics

  • Fantasy

  • Horror

  • Monsters

  • Gothic

He also explores these themes through various artistic styles. These include the following:

  • Spot Illustrations

  • Pen & Ink

  • Brush

  • Spatter Effect

Karl Huber’s illustrations create compelling narratives in a unique artform. If you’d like one of his illustrations or artworks for your own, contact him today at or call 412-874-8166.

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