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fantasy illustration art in Pittsburgh PA
basilisk Watercolor and Pen&ink
carnegie T-rex watercolor pen&ink
cher ami 1918 watercolor and Pen&ink
Frog Admiral watercolor and pen&ink
 the Green Fairy  watecolor and Pen&ink
loveShot!  watercolor and Pen&ink
Plague doctor covid watercolor pen&ink illustration
manticore watercolor pen&ink monsters
aunt Kafka  watercolor
troll Watercolor and Pen&ink
Pvt.AsaGillman, Innsmouth  watercolor
creature Watercolor and Pen&ink
Gil watercolor pen&ink humor illustration
catoblepas Watercolor and Pen&ink
flying Pig.jpg
NS Nosferatu watercolor
Troll Bridge  watercolor
Cheesus watercolor humor illustration
Rest for the Wicked  watercolor
Alien hails a taxi Watercolor and Pen&ink
flower and bottle Watercolor
JackALope watercolor and Pen&ink
Sgt. Stubby France, 1918

Fantasy, Horror, & Humor Illustrations

As an award-winning artist and teacher, Karl Huber tackles many themes and designs in his illustrations. It is his variety of traditional mixed media that has won him such acclaim. From fantasy to humor to everything in between, Huber has targeted many issues with his unique style. While some illustration pieces bring up issues within our society, others like his dinosaur illustrations appeal to more child-like wonders.

Artistic Mediums

Like most artists, Karl Huber has trained in various artistic mediums. Huber belies that true art cannot be restricted to one media or one approach. This is reflected in the many artistic mediums that he employs. These include the following:

  • Watercolor

  • Pen & Ink

  • Pastels

  • Charcoal

Artistic Themes

In addition to his range of mediums, he also focuses on various themes in his artwork. While some are more humorous or cartoonish, others are more graphic and take on serious issues that we struggle with in our day-to-day lives. Such themes that Huber illustrates include the following:

  • Fantasy

  • Sci-Fi

  • Horror

  • Editorial

  • Monsters

  • Humor

  • Children

  • Dinosaurs

Karl Huber’s illustrations offer compelling narratives paired with a unique artistic style. If you’d like one of his illustrations or artworks for your own, contact him today at or call 412-874-8166.

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