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Karl Huber

Born in Dayton, OH

Lives & works in Pittsburgh, PA

Karl Huber is an award-winning artist and teacher, working in a variety of traditional (mixed) media with a smattering of digital application.  

He started out, like most artists; as a small child, who grew up and gradually increased in size.  At this time he began Drawing on whatever paper was available, taking his influence from the covers of Sci-fi novels, comics, and books about dinosaurs.  Mostly self taught, he managed to get into Art college after graduating high school.  

Higher education presented a formal approach and gave introduction to classic Art and Artist alike.  He always remembered the inspirations from his childhood past.

Time and opportunity took Karl across the United States and around the globe.  The first hand exposure to the variety of lives and cultures of the human race has had a profound impact on the artist. 

The opportunity to teach at a collegiate level came in graduate school.  This proved to be a turning point, and lead to several teaching assignments while still a  student.  Further, this lead to a chance to go over-seas and teach abroad.  This literally opened up a world of travel and experience.  

Karl returned to the United States and settled in Pittsburgh, PA,  He continues to work and teach, and maintain a small personal gallery in his home.