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black and white print of Karl Huber

Illustration Artist Karl Huber

Born in Dayton, OH

Lives & works in Pittsburgh, PA

Karl Huber is an award-winning artist and teacher,

working in a variety of traditional (mixed) media

with a smattering of digital application.  

Like most artists, he started off as a small child.  

He attended college and stopped shaving.  

An opportunity to teach paved the way for

many years of travel:  across the country

 and around the globe,

from Europe to Asia to Australia

  and back to America.


Karl eventually settled in Pittsburgh, PA, 


He continues to teach and work and maintains a small gallery of work in his home.  If you ever come to Pittsburgh, be sure to stop and say "Hello".

         “A common defect in Modern art study is that too many students do NOT know why they draw.”


                                                                        -Robert Henri




         “When you are comfortable with Drawing, everything becomes interesting.”


                                                                        -Jeffery Smith



The beauty and instantaneous act of drawing has always captivated me.


 It is the gateway to creativity and the foundation of all visual expression.  Image making as a reflection of the surrounding world, or as a means of communication is a proven aspect of the human animal dating back 1,000’s of years, regardless of culture or location.  There is literally a world of drawing to look at. 


The drawing can be graphic, stylized, realistic, cartoon, or based off workings from one of a thousand cultural influences dating back to our species paleo-history.  Drawing is not limited to only one media or approach. 


To be truly comfortable with drawing requires a visual curiosity in all things and a willingness to fail, and fail again.  The very act itself will produce results even if the drawing is considered unsuccessful. 


To help the student refine this skill set is a vital role of any visual instructor, as well as cultivate an appreciation and critical opinion of a history of the media.  The applications of Drawing to the creative needs of an illustrator, developer or visual problem solver are universal.      




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