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Illustration Art for Kids

For toddlers, preteens, and kids of all ages, Karl Huber Illustration sells a wide variety of wall art, stickers, comics, t-shirts, and merchandise. Perfect for decorating any kids room, we guarantee that your child will love a gift from GalleryH.


Through decades of artistic development, travel, and teaching at the collegiate level, Karl Huber has honed his craft to incite imagination, create interesting narratives, and bring the child within everyone to life with unforgettable creations.

Variety of Colorful Illustrations of All Ages

With watercolor, pastel, or good old-fashioned pen & ink, Karl Huber Illustration has brought countless illustrations to life with a bold style and slick sense of humor. Kids of all ages love Huber’s animals and mythical beings, and our shop has plenty of choices to fit every family’s artistic preferences.

Comics, Wall Art, And Merchandise

So, what will it be? Whether you’re decorating the nursery or giving your teenager a gift they might actually like, you can visit the GalleryH’s Etsy shop to look at all our prints, comics, and functional merchandise. Whether it's pillows or wall art, there is no wrong way to bring the excitement of Karl Huber Illustration to the children in your home and life.


And don't forget the cards! Be prepared for every birthday, year after year, with a custom pack of mix and match gift cards.

Monsters, Dragons, and Game Art: Oh My!

Stepping through the doors of GalleryH in Pittsburgh, our retail customers have all been greeted with a wide variety of colorful illustrations featuring monsters, dragons, and other interesting characters. Aside from all the original artwork dreamt and designed in the studio, Karl Huber Illustration is also proud to offer custom illustration for specific animals or creatures, including game art and Dungeons and Dragons character design.


For any and all inquiries about Karl Huber Illustration, please contact us today! You can reach us at 412 874-8166 or to get started with any commission or original art purchase today.

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